Space Lab Technician

20/10/2020 Tyvak International

As a Space Lab Technician, the candidate will join a collaborative team to overview Laboratory processes, perform AIT (Assembly, Integration and Test) tasks which includes mechanical, electrical and integration assembly, modules and harness manufacturing and facilitate performance testing of satellite components and subsystems.

Responsibilities include:
• Report to the Company AIV Chief Engineer as Responsible for keeping Integration areas (tools, toolboxes, workstations, etc) clean and tidy in accordance with company policy, and as Company Responsible for laboratory parts Inventory system maintenance and control.
• Perform equipment/component receiving inspection, preparation (kits), assembly / installation for test and/or flight configuration.
• Understand technical documents and work according to company procedures and technical drawings.
• Prepare, use, apply, handle and dispose of chemical substances such as thermal filler and different types of epoxy resins.
• Manufacture harness such as cable assemblies.
• Calibrate and properly use - torque tools / crimp tools (mechanical and harness) and required hardware.
• Use the machine shop for minor fabrication, modification and repair.
• Tin soldering for harnessing and minor reworks.


• Experience in a production environment with mechanical and electronics assemblies.

• Experience in the aerospace industry is preferred but not compulsory.

• Experience of the following:
- Clean Room and ESD-safe work
- Detailed assembly and fitting work
- Understand technical documents
- Handling chemical and hazardous substances
- Electrical components handling and soldering
- Harness-securing methods
- Inspection of critical electronic/electrical/electro-mechanical hardware

Classification offered

To apply for this job and access to the Selection Day, candidates must participate to the Tyvak Open House event, according to the instructions here:


Per candidarsi e accedere alle selezioni è necessario partecipare all'evento Open House di Tyvak, secondo le modalità indicate al link