11° IxD Tuesday: Do Startup Accelerators Work?


Martedì 24 Settembre 2013, ore 19.30
Lab, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 13/e, Torino
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Beyond YCombinator and Tech Stars, the offer of acceleration programmes for stratups is much larger, always growing and diversifying across industries, Countries, and even gender or nationality. Competition is often fierce and the submission process demanding, that's why - for founders - it's worth asking a preliminary question: does acceleration matter for my startup?
Let's ask who made it through!
Irene Cassarino - from The Doers - will interview entrepreneurs Claudio Carnino, who joined Startup Chile on Winter 2011 and Wayra on Summer 2012 with Fanchimp, Gabriele Costamagna and who led Sport Square Games to Game Founders on Spring 2013. Then, Carlo Capello co-founder of ProxToMe will share his experience at Mind the Bridge Startup School.

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