Frequently Asked Questions

In order to submit your entrepreneurial idea to I3P, you need to visit the Apply section, fill up each part of the form and send it. In no case you can skip the online application.
Usually within 10 working days. Depending on period and number of requests, it may take few days more.
No. Among the advantages of entering I3P's program, there is the chance of gaining access to a network of professionals who can support you in the realization of the idea, even if you don't have a team already.
No. We accept applications of projects at different development phases. From concept level, to incorporated start-up.
Of course. Anyone with an innovative idea can ask us for our support.
No, there isn't any geographical restriction. Anyways, by moving to Turin you can take advantage of living everyday in contact with I3P network.
No. I3P doesn't support financially the projects and doesn't enter the company, but it supports the entrepreneurial teams in developing their project, during their first market tests so to prepare them to be presented to potential partners and investors, who are part of I3P's network.
No. I3P's staff provides business and communication consultancy, and it doesn't directly develop projects. However, I3P can help you connecting with people with the right skills to develop the project.
The incubation program lasts 3 to 5 years. The pre-incubation program starts from a minimum of 3 months, and then the tutor decides with the team for how long the support is necessary, but it can be renewed for a maximum of 18 months.
The pre-incubation is the phase before the incubation, during which the applicant, using a part of I3P's services, works on the project to make it stronger and prepare it to pass the Evaluation Committee, fundamental step in order to access the proper incubation phase. Both phases are regulated by a specific contract.
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