Startup competition

I3P, also thanks to its network, periodically organizes calls, activities, events and competitions dedicated to start-ups.

Start Cup Piemonte Valle d'Aosta
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Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta is a competition for innovative entrepreneurial projects with the aim of stimulating entrepreneurship, supporting economic development and promoting the creation of innovative start-ups. The competition is organized once a year and is divided in two phases:


Ideas Competition


Business Plan Competition

Participation is free to one or both phases. In order to apply to the competition, you need to present a business idea and/or an entrepreneurial project with its Business Plan. Everyone can participate to the competition, both single and teams, or companies interested in developing innovative ideas and entrepreneurial projects, with the aim of awarding them with money prizes, training and tutoring.

Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta is organized within the Italian National Innovation Award (PNI - Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione), and the best projects coming from the regional Start Cup competition gain access to the national PNI competition.

Promoting entities coordinating the organization of the competition

Promoting entities coordinating the organization of the competition

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PNI - Premio Nazionale Innovazione
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The PNI - Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione is a competition between teams who wrote a business plan of an innovative entrepreneurial idea and participated to one of the business plans competitions, Start Cups, linked to Italian Universities and Public Research Entities associated to PNICube.

PNI's goals are:

supporting the creation of highly innovative companies and promoting the economic development of the areas of local competitions

spreading the entrepreneurial culture within the academics and fostering the relationship among researchers, business and finance.

Italian Master Startup Award
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Italian Master Startup Award, born in 2007, is the only national event awarding young hi-tech companies' results on market during their first years. The Prize is organized annually by the PNICube Association in collaboration with one of the associates, who hosts the awarding ceremony.

The goals of the award are:

to give visibility to innovative companies which, in their first years, have reached important economical and qualitative results

to monitor the results obtained with the business plans competitions and with the incubation activities by the associates of PNICube and their institutional partners.

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Startuppato is the Italian event dedicated to innovative start-ups, realized by the Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin since 2013. Dedicated to entrepreneurial projects needing to do networking, beta testing, customer validation, recruitment, client acquisition activities and many more. During the last editions the event has grown, offering an expo area where visitors can test in advance innovative products and services, and start-ups can show their projects and meet professionals with whom they can collaborate.

Startuppato is also a competition for B2C entrepreneurial projects, willing to create a match between start-ups and potential clients, with two goals. On one side, it generates visibility for start-ups, on the other, a chance for innovation curious to discover more about what's new. Find out when the next call will be open.