Thermal Engineer

29/01/2024 Astradyne

About Astradyne:
Astradyne is an innovative and fast-growing startup in the aerospace sector. We specialize in deployable structures for both space and terrestrial applications, combining flexible electronics with advanced fabrics. Our flagship product, SolarCube, is an origami-inspired solar panel that sets new standards for power efficiency and compact design in the industry. We are committed to developing revolutionary technologies that redefine the limits of what is possible.

Job Description:
We are seeking a Thermal Engineer to join our technical team at our Bari, Italy location. The role requires hands-on experience in coordinating and executing thermal tests, both on individual components and complete satellites. The ideal candidate should bring advanced expertise in developing efficient cooling systems and possess a deep understanding of thermal simulation software. As a key member of our team, the candidate will actively participate in research projects, applying innovative technologies to enhance overall satellite thermal performance.

Key Responsibilities:
• Perform thermal analyses of solar panels and other thin-walled components, ensuring optimal performance in space.
• Apply advanced knowledge of thermal control methodologies tailored for space environments.
• Possess an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of orbital flight mechanics.
• Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to integrate thermal considerations into the overall design of space systems.
• Propose innovations to improve existing thermal control methodologies.
• Ensure the accuracy of thermal analyses through rigorous validation and verification processes.
• Maintain comprehensive documentation of thermal analysis methodologies, results, and recommendations.
• Proactively address potential issues and provide timely solutions to ensure mission success.


• Proven expertise in conducting thermal analyses for space systems and space-specific heat exchange processes.
• Advanced knowledge of thermal control methodologies tailored for the unique demands of space environments.
• Profound understanding of orbital flight mechanics principles.
• Proficient programming skills in MATLAB, Python, or equivalent languages.
• Mastery of specialized software tools for thermal analysis, such as Thermal Desktop, ESATAN, COMSOL Multiphysics or equivalent.
• Adaptive mindset capable of navigating complex challenges and evolving project dynamics.
• Strong collaborative skills, ensuring effective teamwork within a multidisciplinary environment.
• Proactive and efficient problem-solving skills, addressing technical challenges with strategic innovation.
• Master’s degree or higher in Engineering, Physics, or a related field.
• Excellent written and spoken English.

Classification offered

Full-time position