CA Auto Bank and I3P unveil Digital Factory, the new open innovation platform for the future of sustainable mobility


The initiative is looking for cutting-edge projects in the areas of banking, digitalization, artificial intelligence, mobility, and sustainability.

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CA Auto Bank, a mobility bank operating in 19 countries, and I3P, the Incubator of Politecnico di Torino, are jointly introducing Digital Factory, a novel open innovation platform designed for Italian and international start-ups and SMEs. The initiative aims to discover the most innovative solutions and technologies to drive the digital transformation of the Bank. Projects submitted should fall within one or more of the following areas: banking, digitization and artificial intelligence, mobility, and sustainability. The selected companies will have the opportunity to engage in field testing, developing a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to refine ongoing innovation processes at CA Auto Bank.

Digital Factory is a permanent initiative with free participation.  Project applications should be submitted via the website digitalfactory-ca-autobank.com. Each submission will be assessed by I3P and CA Auto Bank. Applicants with compelling use cases will be contacted by the Digital Factory team to collaboratively build a business case for presentation directly to CA Auto Bank.

This initiative is part of Start&Pulse, the European program of the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Group dedicated to start-ups and focused on open innovation. Digital Factory is part of a sector where technological evolution has given rise to new consumer needs, offering significant opportunities for growth and service development. Digitalization means adapting all business processes to the developments of the digital age, with speed and operational efficiency playing increasingly crucial roles. Against this backdrop, start-ups and SMEs can give further impetus to responsible growth and value creation for the planet.

Digital Factory's new platform follows in the footsteps of similar initiatives launched in 2020 and 2022, resulting in collaborations with innovative start-ups such as Stip and Reefilla. These young ventures, established in Italy and developed with an international focus, now support CA Auto Bank in revamping its customer service management, leveraging artificial intelligence and introducing new user experiences dedicated to electric mobility.

Giacomo Carelli, CEO of CA Auto Bank, said: "The launch of the new Digital Factory will provide us with crucial support in the search for the cutting-edge solutions for customers and partners that are necessary to breathe new life into the process of continuous innovation started by CA Auto Bank. We have great confidence and expectations in the role and innovative drive of start-ups and SMEs. Their contribution will be crucial for our Bank, which has consistently embraced evolution and the future".

Giuseppe Scellato, Chairman of I3P, commented: “Start-ups today represent a source of absolute value also for corporate entities, such as CA Auto Bank, which are already implementing digitalization and integrating cutting-edge technological tools. Through Digital Factory, the I3P incubator will leverage its extensive experience in open innovation to create numerous tangible opportunities for collaboration and the development of innovative products and services in the coming years”.