Reefilla and CTE Next start testing the first mobile predictive recharge service in Turin


The innovative start-up Reefilla, incubated in I3P, will have the chance to test its “charge delivery” system with Turin’s House of Emerging Technologies.

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Turin-based start-up Reefilla and CTE NEXT, Turin’s House of Emerging Technologies (Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti), signed in September an agreement to allow testing the innovative mobile recharge service designed by Reefilla within the Turin Municipality area. The testing agreement will allow the young company to employ its technologies and processes in a real environment with all the mandatory paperwork needed.

Testing will start in September 2022: the service will be in “beta testing” phase for a selected users’ group only, then it will be launched on the market progressively in both business and consumer form.

A young innovative company incubated in I3P, Innovative Companies Incubator of Politecnico di Torino and CTE NEXT partner, Reefilla has created the first recharge service for electric vehicles which is movable and predictive, aiming at the creation of a flexible and complementary alternative to traditional recharge columns, which have poor diffusion and are often already occupied, especially within urban areas.

The service is built around three key pillars:

  • the mobile recharge device based on Fillee interchangeable batteries, entirely built in-house, which is the most powerful and versatile fast charge mobile solution for electric cars available on the market;
  • a digital platform which is connected to cars through AI and is able to foresee the vehicle’s energy demand by looking at the driver or the fleet’s drive style and habits;
  • a logistics organization that allows reaching every vehicle in every spot of the city, even in the most complex urban parking situations. Thanks to Reefilla, it is possible to communicate the auto’s parking spot so that the recharge can start as soon as possible, completely contactless and bringing no troubles to the car driver.

“We’re very proud about this reached goal, because of the experience we will have the opportunity to gain and the data we will gather”, explains Marco Bevilacqua, CEO and CO-Founder of Reefilla, “mostly since we are testimony of a public administration which is focused, fast, and effective sustaining innovative initiatives such as ours”.