Support measures for the creation of new start-ups (2023-2024)

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The public call is aimed at enhancing the competences trained by certified incubators, also to contribute to a more innovative Europe.

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The Italian call for proposals "Interventi di sostegno alla nascita delle startup (2023-2024)" (Support measures for the creation of new start-ups), within the framework of the PR ESF PLUS 2021-2027 programme, is now open. The initiative is aimed at enhancing the competences formed by certified business incubators, through measures that include both services and contributions, in order to also contribute to the achievement of a more innovative Europe.

Particular attention will be paid to entrepreneurial proposals concerning applications for the protection of human health, prevention, emergency management, data and information, economic recovery and system strengthening following health crises, such as the one caused by the spread of the Covid 19 virus epidemic, to business proposals operating in the 'green' sphere. The call defines two types of proposals:

  • submission of project proposals by implementing bodies
  • submission of applications by innovative start-ups for access to start-up consultancy activities - Ex-post mentoring and accompaniment (Measure 8).

The selected certified incubators undertake to provide services as part of a comprehensive support programme, from the stimulation of the entrepreneurial aptitude of recipients proposing innovative projects, to the accompaniment aimed at transforming an innovative idea into a concrete business project, to the support for the birth of the innovative start-up and its early stages of operation.

Each certified incubator (implementing entity/body) will collect applications from target subjects on the following Measures:

  • Measure 5: Preliminary and counter start-up activities;
  • Measure 6: Ex ante start up assistance services;
  • Measure 7: Start up consultancy - Tutoring and ex ante accompaniment.


TARGET SUBJECTS - Measures 5, 6, 7

a) "researchers", i.e. PhD students/assignees/researchers/teachers/contractors/students with significant research activity on a specific topic covered by the innovative start-up to be established 

b) persons aged 40 years or less who, on the date of acceptance, hold a high school diploma and have a curriculum consistent with the project presented (NB: the entrepreneurial team must be composed of at least 2 persons with complementary skills) 

c) persons aged between 18 and 65 years proposing an innovative project, unemployed, inactive, employed.


The following can access Finpiemonte with a specific application, subject to prior registration with the Italian Regional Register on the Vocational Training - Employment Information System 

  • innovative start-ups born with the support of the services provided under Measures 5, 6 and 7 concluded with the validation of the business plan/business model 
  • innovative start-ups born with the services financed with the 2014-2020 ESF programming that did not have access to Measure 6.2. 

Incentive summary: consultancy services.