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Enermove wins the Premio Innovazione 4.0 of A&T


Friday 14th February, at the end of A&T faire, the Premio Innovazione 4.0 has been awarded. In the Startup category Enermove has won the first prize.

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On Friday 14th February the fourth edition of Premio Innovazione 4.0 has ended. The prize born to promote virtuous cases of application of new technologies and of the Industry 4.0 model, so to enhance technology transfer and contribute to the growth of Italian productive sector.

The selection process has seen many categories of testimonials which have been evaluated by the Scientific Industrial Committee of A&T - Automation & Testing. The participants were innovative projects of different categories: Companies, Start-ups, Research & University, Schools and Technical Insitutes.

At the end of the event, which has took place last week 12th-14th February, the award ceremony took place and all the most innovative projects, chosen both by the Scientific Industrial Committee and the public, with a dedicated prize for each category.

Start-ups category winners

For the Start-up category, the first prize has been won by the project "Dynamic Wireless Charging: quick, secure and ecological 4.0 batteries' charging" of Enermove, startup incubated in I3P since 2019, overcoming "INBODY: 3D scanner for postural and scoliotic analysis" of BeyondShape (2nd place) and "Production quality monitoring in automotive sector" of Nexus TLC (3rd place).

Companies category winners

For the Companies category, at first place we find "IoT for integrated monitoring of buildings: the smart prefabricated" of Umbra Control and Manini Prefabbricati; at second place "Integrated platform for corneal surgery iVis Suite" of iVis Technologies and LIGI Medical Technologies; at third place "SERVOFLY: 3D printed device to fly over the barriers".

Research & University category winners

In the Research & University category, at first place "Additive production of molds for aerospace components"; at second place "Innovative system to trace food along the entire supply chain: the project PlemuNt chèINa (PININ)"; at third place "Digitalization of knowledge process, towards a Digital Production Manager (DiPMa)".

Schools and Technical Insitutes winners

In the Technical Institutes category, at first place was awarded the "Project R.A.M.I. Company Network for Integrated Machinaries" proposed by La Spezia ITS Foundation.

For Schools category, at first place we find "RESS - Renewable Energy Sharing and Saving" of ITT "G. Giorgi" from Brindisi (4° and 5° classes B Electronics, guided by Professor Salvatore Campeggio); at second place "Smart-foro: the smart traffic light" proposed by a group of the 4° Electronics class of the Internation Institutes "Edoardo Agnelli" from Turin, guided by Professor Paolo Baj.

Vote of the Public category winners

Thanks to the vote of the audience, at first place we find the project "Zero Defect Manufacturing in food sector: artificial intelligence applied to the milling industry"; at second place, the project "Implementation of a control logic to optimize regenerative braking".

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