I3P hosts Massimo Canducci, Italian technologist and book author


An internationally renowned manager, Canducci will be the protagonist of the 4th event in the series of meetings at I3P launched to celebrate the incubator's 25th anniversary.

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"Scintille", the series of meetings with brilliant minds and leading personalities from a wide range of sectors, continues with a new date. The events, dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurial success stories, are organised by I3P, the Incubator of Politecnico di Torino, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

On June 20th, starting at 6 PM at the I3P headquarters in Turin, the fourth event in the series will be held, featuring Massimo Canducci, internationally renowned manager, technologist and essayist who leads innovation and future scouting activities at one of Italy's leading digital transformation companies.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to explore which technologies - from consumer electronics to brain chips, from aerospace to energy, from new foods to new entertainment models - will most influence daily life, societies and markets in the next five, ten or twenty years. With his experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector, Canducci will illustrate the dynamics that are driving innovation and how companies and start-ups can invest in understanding its potential.

In addition to his corporate role, Massimo Canducci is a member of the Global Faculty of Singularity University and teaches innovation management at the Executive MBA Ticinensis and at the Universities of Turin and Pavia. He is a member of ISO's Advisory Group 'Standardisation for Emerging Technologies and Innovations', which guides strategic choices on emerging technologies and innovation globally.

Summarising his thoughts on innovation and the future, two phrases: "We are only at the beginning", highlighting how current technology is only the antechamber to what the future holds, following the evolutionary curves of technological ecosystems, and "If you are not building a better world, then you are not innovating at all", emphasising the importance of positive impact through innovation as a tool to improve the world and people's lives.

"Massimo Canducci will guide us through a journey in technological evolution, offering an enlightening view of how the technologies of today and tomorrow can transform our lives," said Giuseppe Scellato, President of I3P. "The 'Scintille' series is a way to celebrate 25 years of I3P, continuing to support and inspire the ecosystem of innovative start-ups we have helped to create."

Presenting the event will be Paola Mogliotti, Director of I3P, and Adriano Marconetto, Entrepreneur In Residence at the incubator. Participation in the meeting is free of charge, subject to online registration while places are available.