The Italian Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy launches the new web portal of the Houses of Emerging Technologies


The portal brings together projects in support of 5G technologies promoted by the Ministry and the activities of individual CTEs (Houses) in Italy.

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The new web portal of Italy's Houses of Emerging Technologies, realised by MIMIT (Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy) with the support of Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, is now online.

The portal is the single collector of all the projects supporting 5G technologies promoted by the Italian Ministry and the activities carried out by individual CTEs (Case delle Tecnologie Emergenti) across the country, thus multiplying the visibility and synergies between the different 'Houses' and increasing the social impact of the project.

The portal also gives ample space to telling the success stories of start-ups in the scale-up and fundraising phase that, thanks to the use of emerging technologies, have realised projects with innovative solutions in various fields of application.

The first House of Emerging Technologies was built in Matera, Italian Capital of Culture in 2019. Subsequently, the other cities were identified among those involved in the experimentation of 5G networks and services and on the basis of the availability of Competence Centres (public and private universities and research centres) and technology environments that were already operational or immediately feasible in which to build the 'Houses'. There are currently 13 Houses of Emerging Technology in Italy, including the one in Turin, of which the I3P incubator is a strategic partner.

The CTE Next project, led by the City of Turin, was admitted for funding by MIMIT, formerly MISE, through FSC Funds, under the Emerging Technologies Programme in December 2020 and was formally launched in March 2021. It has 13 institutional and strategic partners and a constantly expanding community of public and private stakeholders.