Premio Nazionale GiovedìScienza 2024: the call for applications is open to researchers under 35


The initiative, now in its 13th year, is dedicated to science and its communication, pursuing the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Scientific research plays a fundamental role in the development of society, permeating crucial and topical areas such as health, technology, climate change, energy resources and sustainable development. The knowledge that emerges from research on a daily basis makes it possible to effectively address contemporary challenges. In this context, the ability to communicate research results clearly and effectively is more essential than ever, so that everyone can understand the relevance of these results.

The Italian GiovedìScienza National Prize, now in its thirteenth edition, is dedicated to science and its communication. A showcase for the scientific and technological excellence of Italian research, the Prize intends to give visibility to the work of researchers under 35 who, with their output, contribute to the development and innovation of our country. The Award looks to the future by pursuing the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an action programme for people and the planet.

The call for applications is open from January 29th until March 4th, 2024. The initiative is aimed at researchers under 35 years of age who have achieved significant scientific and technological results working in an Italian research organisation and who, at the same time, have demonstrated competence in disseminating this knowledge to the general public. The Prize is divided into three phases: application, selection and competition, with over 100 referees involved in each edition.

The winners will be decided by a technical jury of science communication experts, a popular jury of students and a committee of experts representing the innovation ecosystem. Four main prizes in cash and training courses will be awarded:

  • Premio GiovedìScienza, awarded for popularisation: the winner will be awarded €5,000 and the opportunity to present the results of their research to the GiovedìScienza audience at a dedicated conference in the next edition (2024/2025).
  • Premio Speciale Elena Benaduce, dedicated to research works that stand out for having a direct or important impact on people's well-being and quality of life. Cash prize of € 3,000. 
  • Premio GiovedìScienza Futuro, awarded to the best feasibility study. Cash prize of € 3,000 and an accompanying course aimed at developing the project supported by one of the partners.
  • Premio GiovedìScienza Impresa sostenibile e digitale, for those who develop a project proposal starting from the concept of "Double Transition" and the themes of sustainability and digitalisation. Cash prize of €3,000 and an accompanying pathway for the development of the project supported by one of the partners.
  • Two orientation meetings: the first aimed at drafting the feasibility study for those who intend to participate in the GiovedìScienza Futuro Prize and the second aimed at drafting the project proposal for those who will choose to participate in the "Impresa sostenibile e digitale" prize.
  • The 10 Special Prize finalists and winners will have the opportunity to participate in a training course dedicated to science communication
  • From this year, the 10 finalists and Special Prize winners will have the opportunity to participate in "Arte Oratoria", a training course in public speaking.

Le candidature devono pervenire esclusivamente online nella sezione Premio del sito www.giovediscienza.it entro le ore 13:00 di lunedì 4 marzo 2024. Bando e regolamento dell'iniziativa sono disponibili sulla pagina www.giovediscienza.it/premio.

Applications must be received exclusively online, in the Prize section of www.giovediscienza.it, by 1 p.m. on Monday 4th March 2024. The official announcement and rules of the initiative are available at www.giovediscienza.it/premio.