2electron officially presents the McFly technology for electric vehicles


During a dedicated event in Avigliana (Turin, Italy), the start-up, incubated in I3P, also announced the launch of a one million euro capital increase.

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June 28, 2022 was a very important day for the young innovative company 2electron, founded in 2018 and now incubated in I3P, which held an official presentation event of its McFly technology and announced the launch of a €1 million capital increase.

The technology developed by the start-up consists of a platform that allows an electric vehicle to deliver torque as if it were a vehicle with a combustion engine, through algorithms capable of digitising the functions of the gearstick, and thanks to this allows the driver to experience new driving sensations. To complete the experience, McFly technology also produces dynamic sounds and vibrations consistent with the selected engine behaviour. Through the dashboard at the heart of the project, a potentially infinite number of 'driving modes' can be selected: both the number of gears and their ratios will change, as well as the performance of the vehicle and its experiential factors, in line with the selected engine type.

The capital raise operation is aimed at investing in technology development, developing pilot projects for TIER1 and OEM customers, and hiring new staff in tech, marketing and operations.

The event held in Avigliana (Turin, Italy) was an opportunity to talk about the reality of the start-up, which aims to change the paradigm of electric vehicle drivability, and the achievements to date, with a constant desire to grow and look to the future. Among the speakers at the meeting:

  • Giuseppe Lazzaro, who hosted the 2electron event in the ZeroCento spaces; 
  • Mario Vittone, Senior Consultant at I3P, who shared the mission and vision of the incubator and the strengths of the startup; 
  • Enrico Dente, Program and Ventures Manager MVA, who presented the innovative reality of the Motor Valley Accelerator in Modena, the first Italian accelerator dedicated to the automotive sector, and the experiences with 2electron in this first year together; 
  • Giorgio Massimiliano Grasso, Financial advisor, who showed in words and figures the potential of the 2electron project.

The McFly technology, anticipated during the Italian Motor Valley Fest 2022 and currently in the pre-industrial stage, was then presented on the track to national and international journalists on the Emula electric motorbike concept. Soon it will also be available on four wheels, on road-testable demonstrators, and on pilot projects launched with Motor Valley manufacturers.