WMF 2023: all the start-ups participating with I3P in the Italian festival of innovation

I3P Startup

From June 15th to 17th, the Incubator of Politecnico di Torino and a group of young companies will be present at We Make Future in Rimini to meet the world of innovation.

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We Make Future, the international fair on technological and digital innovation scheduled to take place from June 15th to 17th, 2023 at the Rimini Trade Fair, will host over 1,000 start-ups from all over the world. Among them, hundreds will present their projects at the World Startup Fest, the international benchmark event for start-ups, scale-ups and investors, in front of a WMF audience that will include many of the major players of innovative entrepreneurship in the digital sector.

Also returning this year to WMF will be I3P, the Innovative Companies Incubator of Politecnico di Torino, which since 1999 has been supporting the birth and development of innovative start-ups with high technology intensity and growth potential. Representing the many entrepreneurial talents that have passed through the Campus of Politecnico di Torino over the years will be nine start-ups from the I3P network, who will be attending the festival together with the incubator to talk about their innovative projects and take advantage of the many opportunities to meet offered by the rich WMF 2023 agenda.

The nine companies that will be available in the exhibition area dedicated to I3P are Barter, Climby, Column, Fees, Immodrone, Klondike, Midori, ToSwim and Ummy. Their projects, mainly based on digital platforms, span very different sectors but are united by their high degree of innovativeness.

The I3P start-ups at the fair

Barter is a simple and intuitive B2B matching platform designed for the retail world, created to allow retailers to network with each other in total anonymity, drawing on products they need and placing surplus products within a huge virtual space, with which they can interact to solve stock inefficiencies, reduce expenses and increase profits. Founded in 2019, Barter's entrepreneurial project entered incubation at I3P in early 2023.

Climby offers a service aimed at both novice and intermediate climbers to support them in their indoor practice and progression. The app provides targeted assistance via videos and QRs (on-site) that allow people to discover the method, improve their technique and track their progress. In parallel, the start-up aims to support gyms through SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms to manage users and events.

Column is a digital platform for quality customised press reviews. Thanks to its AI engine, through the Column app it is possible to read the best articles from the main Italian and international newspapers, suggested according to the reader's interests regarding topics, places and authors. The aim of the project is to provide an innovative way of in-depth information which is reliable, plural, digital and customisable.

Fees provides an expense management service via an application for individuals and companies. The startup's platform, incubated at I3P, allows its users to digitise and store expenses and documents easily so that they are always organised in their account, thus simplifying their management, interpretation and sharing. To digitise them, simply scan them with your smartphone or attach them to your desktop: the app's OCR algorithm will take care of the rest.

Immodrone was founded in 2015 as an innovative startup and, after completing its incubation path at I3P, it is now the first company in Italy and Switzerland to specialise in the creation of photos and videos from above for the real estate and tourism sectors through the use of state-of-the-art drones. The company also offers rendering, virtual reality, augmented reality and video editing services, aimed mainly at real estate agencies and construction companies.

Klondike, a start-up incubated at I3P, provides a low-code platform through which it is possible to access the power of artificial intelligence and use algorithms simply through configuration modules and graphical interfaces. In this way, anyone, even without technical training or specific knowledge as a developer, can automate and optimise their processes in a minimum of time.

Midori has realised NED, the first smart meter based on an innovative technology for recognising and separating electrical loads (NILM) that is able, thanks to advanced machine learning and data analytics algorithms, to monitor the consumption of the main home devices with a single measuring instrument. After completing its development at I3P, Midori announced the closing of a €1.7 million investment round in 2021.

ToSwim brings digital transformation to the world of swimming: the start-up addresses the world of swimmers with digital and innovative touchpoints, engaging them before, during and after their sporting activity. ToSwim is a community where enthusiasts can meet, share their passion, train, inform and compete: a means to mediate new connections and stimulate people to get closer to swimming.

Ummy has developed a B2B platform to protect workers' psychological well-being, prevent stress and burnout and reduce company turnover. Through a proprietary app, Ummy allows workers to give their daily feedback in less than a minute, enriching the user experience with gamification elements; the information is then processed to alert companies in case of high stress levels, specific criticalities and risk of resignation.

The opportunities at WMF 2023

The We Make Future festival in June will offer many opportunities for meeting, learning, networking and business matching: not only at the World Startup Fest event but also at the Startup District stands, on the Startup Stage and at the finals of the Startup Competition, one of the biggest international contests for innovative companies. The business projects taking part in it will have the opportunity to present their pitches and put themselves on the line in front of investors, innovation managers, corporations, incubators and professionals, who will award the best ones with various prizes to support the development of their activity.

I3P will be present at the fair, inside Hall C1 in Area 46, to meet with all stakeholders in the innovation sector, as well as the merely curious, students and technology enthusiasts. To stay up-to-date on this and on the news from the festival, you can follow the incubator's social channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to its weekly email newsletter.