Data-Driven Innovation: Chambers of Commerce and start-ups together for a digital Italy


Unioncamere and InfoCamere are looking for innovative solutions in the areas of Internal Process Automation and Intelligent Data Analysis & Management.

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Unioncamere and InfoCamere, in collaboration with The Doers - Digital Magics Company, launched a call for innovation titled "Data-Driven Innovation: Chambers of Commerce and Start-ups Together for a Digital Italy". The challenge is aimed at offering, through a partnership with start-ups, scale-ups or innovative SMEs, innovative solutions in the field of Internal Process Automation and Intelligent Data Analysis & Management, in order to make internal processes more efficient and to seize the potential of the Chamber System's information assets.

The participating companies should aim to develop innovative ideas that can generate opportunities for improvement for the Italian Chamber System, accelerating digital transformation and the adoption of state-of-the-art solutions, while promoting the culture of innovation in Italian Chambers of Commerce.

After the close of the call, scheduled for February 19th, 2024, an 'Innovation Day' will be held in Rome, currently scheduled for March 22th, during which the best selected start-ups will have the opportunity to present their projects to the stakeholders of the Chamber system, as well as to sector experts. Each start-up will have 5 minutes to present its product/service and another 5 minutes to answer questions from the audience. At the end of the call, a Co-design programme will enable the winners to work together with the Chambers of Commerce, Unioncamere and InfoCamere to identify services and/or products consistent with the expectations of all stakeholders.

The co-operative work will lead to the concrete finalisation of the design of products and/or services of the start-ups or SMEs that stood out during the Innovation Day. The starting point will be the selected existing services and/or products, and then the adaptation of these, through the Co-design phase, to the stakeholders' objectives.

The modalities for participating in the call and all details about the initiative can be viewed and downloaded on the dedicated online platform: https://challenge.infocamere.it