New partnership signed between I3P and Freedome, the outdoor experience portal

I3P Startup

The innovative start-up's platform offers the most comprehensive catalogue of open-air activities in Italy.

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Starting from April 2023, the new partnership between the incubator I3P and the innovative start-up Freedome is now active. The young company created an outdoor experience portal with the ambitious goal of aggregating the best out-of-door activities, making them easily accessible, and becoming the benchmark for the sector in Europe.

Founded in 2019 and incubated in I3P since September 2020, Freedome has already achieved great things during its first years of development, with the closing of two capital increases, including a €600,000 investment round in 2021, and the reaching of the €5 million milestone in transactions on its online platform.

Today, Freedome's marketplace hosts the most comprehensive catalogue of outdoor experiences in Italy: over 2,600 experiences offered by 700 professional operators. Hot air balloon flights, horseback riding, paragliding, rafting, ski lessons, windsurfing and quad biking: these are just some of the possibilities that can be selected on the portal, which is aimed both at the community of adventure enthusiasts and at tourism professionals and sports facility managers.

The users can choose whether to book activities for themselves, selecting the day and time, or gift them to someone else by purchasing free-date vouchers. Since the launch, more than 100,000 people have already used Freedome to experience or give away outdoor activities. The company also makes its catalogue available through the main welfare circuits, hotel groups, open-air villages and property managers in Italy.

Thanks to the new agreement with the Incubator of Politecnico di Torino, young companies incubated and pre-incubated at I3P can now take advantage of all the activities on the list at a special discount. This facilitation favours, for example, the possibility of proposing teambuilding initiatives also within start-ups.

For more information on the platform's features and on its wide range of available outdoor experiences, you can visit the Freedome website, while for more information on the activation of the discount code, I3P start-ups can contact their reference tutor.