Medme converts 930,000 euros of bonds in the capital of Biotechware, the cardiomonitor scaleup


Biotechware has closed yet another €930k investment round from Dutch company Medme BV.

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Biotechware, a scaleup founded at I3P in 2011 and specialising in telemonitoring and cardiology diagnostics, has announced a €930,000 capital increase, following the conversion of part of a convertible bond loan underwritten by the Dutch company Medme BV, a holding company specialising in investments and development of startups operating in the field of digital health, with projects in Italy, the UK, Russia and China. 

With the funds obtained, Biotechware has developed a new 12-channel portable heart monitor, the Cardiopad Lite. The device will be available on the market later this year. 

The company, founded by Alessandro Sappia and Enrico Manzini, both graduates of the Politecnico di Torino, develops and deploys its own devices as well as a proprietary cloud computing platform. In addition, the innovative company has set up a medical department that enables timely interpretation of resting ECG, daily heart rate and blood pressure data, thanks to the tools provided. More than 1,500 devices produced by the company are present throughout the country, functioning and ready to make diagnoses for patients, relieving the healthcare system in a difficult period and making cardio-diagnostics more accessible and safe. 

From 2020, the company will provide outsourced reporting services for hospitals affected by medical staff shortages during periods of increased load. As of 2021, it has introduced a platform-based solution to the market to automate reporting processes in hospitals' cardiology departments and, also in 2021, entered the ranking of the best startups in the medical field according to Beststartup.eu. 

"I would like to thank Medme BV in the form of Valentin Doronichev and Maksim Gorbachev for their support and trust in our team. At the moment, we are jointly developing a new strategy that involves using and scaling the most advanced technological solutions," commented Fred W. Ohle, СЕО Biotechware. "This will allow everyone living in Italy to check their heart health regularly without queues and risks. Bringing treatment closer to people will reduce the pressure on the healthcare system." 

"I see a lot of demand and great potential for change in cardio-diagnostic systems and care for people living in Italy. We want to make sure that checking and paying attention to the proper functioning of the heart is easy, accessible and does not require great expense of time and money for people," said Valentin Doronichev, СЕО Medme BV. "Step by step we will introduce solutions that will enable all Italian citizens to receive accessible and modern cardiology care, reducing deaths due to neglected diagnostics."