Premio 2031, Italy's most important competition for innovators and start-ups, opens its 13th edition

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The Italian innovation 'prize of prizes' returns this year with the new 'First Round' format: 10 top investors for early stage start-ups.

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"We trust you!". This is the spirit behind the thirteenth edition of Premio 2031, presented in Milan during the MIND Innovation Week: dozens of prizes and a total prize pool of millions of euros are up for grabs.

The 2031 platform is an initiative promoted by Associazione 2031 and organised by Agenzia del Contemporaneo. A great network and ecosystem work made possible thanks to the main partners Lendlease, Repower and UniCredit Start Lab, the digital partner Fondazione Italiana Accenture, the collaboration with InnovUp - Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem and the support of the entire sector in support of Italian innovative entrepreneurship.

"Italy is a neuronal system of technological and creative innovation, but it is in dire need of new ideas and projects. What is needed is a regeneration of the business world in terms of both planning and design, and it must start with start-ups," said Cristiano Seganfreddo, President of 2031. "2031 is the most articulated system of support for innovation because it is concrete. We offer real opportunities for growth, development and investment. These are not rhetorical promises but practical actions with investments of millions of euro."

The prizes of the competition

Since 2010, Premio 2031 has been among the top competitions open to the best Italian start-ups, with the participation of more than 100 partners and over 50 prizes, offered by corporations, incubators (including I3P), accelerators and innovation centres.

New this year is Primo Round, the prize created to identify and help the best Italian early-stage start-ups grow. Selected by the 2031 call, the best ideas will have the opportunity to present themselves during the three-day Italian Tech Week in Turin, to be held from September 27th to 29th, before a jury of investors ready to believe in them. Among them: Isabelle Andrieu, Paola Bonomo, Lucia Chierchia, Luca Ferrari, Fausta Pavesio, Andrea Rota, Silvia Wang.

The Special Prizes include an important entry of Indaco Fondo Bio by Indaco Venture Partners, Italy's largest independent venture capital management company, with a strong specialisation in companies operating in the medtech, biotech - pharma and digital sectors, with a possible equity investment of over €100,000. Another notable entry is the Jacobacci Special Award: the professionals from the law firm Jacobacci & Partners will analyse the coverage of the finalist projects from an intellectual property perspective.

There are thus plenty of opportunities to get your idea off the ground with awards from leading multinationals and global corporations from banking to energy, from telecommunications to technology, from health to medical, from agriculture to fashion, and on to the new frontiers of digital.

How to participate

The announcement of the initiative allows, through a single application, to compete for several prizes at the same time. Proposed ideas must be original, innovative and feasible, financially sustainable and able to generate economic returns. Participation is free of charge.

To participate, one must fill in the online form in the “Partecipa” section of the official website www.2-0-3-1.com, in accordance with the terms:

  • call opening: May 11th, 2023 
  • deadline for submission of proposals: June 25th, 2023 
  • innovation centre awards ceremony: September 27th-28th-29th, 2023 @ Italian Tech Week, Turin, Italy
  • competition grand finale: December 2023 @ Milan, Italy

For more information, please visit the official website of the competition, or follow the social channels of Premio 2031 on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.