The National Award GiovedìScienza is back in its 11th edition

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The Award aims to highlight the activities of scientists and researchers who contribute to development and innovation. Nominations are open until 28/02/2022.

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On the occasion of the 36th anniversary of GiovedìScienza, the Association CentroScienza Onlus presents the 11th edition of the National Award GiovedìScienza with the aim of encouraging and recognizing the scientific divulgation.

The award is addressed to researchers under 35 who have obtained relevant results from the scientific-technological point of view working in an italian research institution and at the same time have demonstrated competence in the dissemination of this knowledge to the general public.

The Award offers candidates a path that is divided into three phases: the application (open to all), the selection (carried out by the Scientific Committee of GiovedìScienza Award to identify the ten finalists) and the competition (reserved for finalists). It will be possible to submit one's candidacy within 13:00 of February 28, 2022. More information on the requirements and on how to participate are available in the announcement and in the complete regulations of the Prize, published online on the official website of GiovedìScienza.

The winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to tell the results of their research to the audience of GiovedìScienza with a dedicated conference.

In particular, the initiative provides the following awards:

  • GiovedìScienza Prize, in cash, equal to €5,000;
  • Elena Benaduce Special Prize, in cash, equal to €3,000;
  • GiovedìScienza Futuro Prize, in cash, equal to €3,000 and a path of accompaniment aimed at the development of the project;
  • GiovedìScienza Industria 4.0 Prize, in cash, equal to €3,000 and a path of accompaniment aimed at the development of the project.

The ten finalists and the winners of the GiovedìScienza "Future" and "Industry 4.0" Prizes will also have the opportunity to participate in a training course dedicated to the communication of science and held by professionals in the field.